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Fred Thomas HOFSTETTER, 1949-, University of Delaware

(Includes CD-ROM by Patricia Fox)

Publisher : McGraw Hill - New York

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Students will become multimedia literate with the skills and experience to build multimedia presentations upon completion of this text. A CD-ROM containing a tutorial version of the PODIUM hypermedia application generation is packaged with each text and contains all the software needed to complete the tutorials. This richly illustrated, four-color text, designed for the novice, is filled with numerous examples and exercises appropriate for self-study as well as in the classroom. Step-by-step tutorials define, demonstrate and guide the student through basic skills that will enable the student to create crisply typeset text, full color pictures, animations, audio commentary, motion video clips and stereo sound tracks. Hardware, software, sound graphics, images, interaction, video platforms, commercial products, authoring, interface design, and the future of multimedia are all covered. Students will learn to browse, receive, and send multimedia objects on the National Information Superhighway.

Any computer that meets or exceeds 4 megabytes of RAM, 386SX processor, hard disk drive with 4 megabytes of storage free, CD-ROM drive, 8-bit waveform audio, 640x480 color display, Windows 3.1 or higher.


PART I: UNDERSTANDING MULTIMEDIA. Definitions. Taxonomy of Multimedia Objects.

PART II: A SURVEY OF MULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONS. Business and Industry. Education. Entertainment. Government. Medicine and Nursing. Encyclopedic Resources. Application Development Packages.

PART III: SELECTING MULTIMEDIA HARDWARE. Competing Multimedia Standards. Multimedia Computer Components. Multimedia Computer Buyer's Checklists.

PART IV: LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE OF MULTIMEDIA. Multimedia Frontiers. Emerging Technology. Societal Issues. How to Keep Up.

PART V: MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES. Text. Graphics. Triggering. Waveform Audio Recording. CD Audio Clipmaking. Midi Sequencing. Digital Video Recording. Videodisc Clipmaking.

PART VI: CREATING A SIMPLE MULTIMEDIA APPLICATION. The History of Flight Picture Menu. 1920's Barnstorming. The Flying Fortress. The Blue Angels. Jumbo Jets.

PART VII: CREATING AN ADVANCED MULTIMEDIA APPLICATION. Designing Advanced Applications. Creating the Information Superhighway Screen. Defining the Internet. Providing a graceful Way to Exit. Internet Resources. Interesting Gopher Servers. Weather Satellite Images. Electronic News Feed. Cable News Network Live Video Feed. Distributing Your Multimedia Application.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 340-342) and index.

AUDIENCE: Introductory computer literacy courses.

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