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In 1991 on initiative of Prof. Enn Tõugu and Prof. Jaan Penjam a conception of theoretical informatics curriculum was composed. This conception corresponded to a recently published education program Discipline of omputing of ACM and IEEE, composed by Joint Curriculum Task Force of the ACM and the Computer Society of the IEEE. Comparison of this conception with the subjects actually taught in Estonian universities showed that several essential domains are not being covered or are covered inadequately. Also it is a fact that teaching subjects related to informatics require availability of up-to-date equipment (computers and software). This lead to drawing the proposal for the CIDEC Project ("IT & CS Education Development Center for Estonian Universities").
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Situation in Estonia

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January 31, 1992: Proposal (1. version) was rejected
January 31, 1993: Proposal (2. version) was accepted
September, 1993: Starting of the S_JEP
October 31, 1993: Revised Budget and Activities Plan
March, 1994: Overviews of CS & IT Studies in TU and TTU compiled for Curricula Expertise
March 31, 1994: Renewal Application for 1994/95 and 1995/96
April 5, 1994: Annual Meeting in Åarhus (report).
September, 1994: Renewal Application accepted, starting second year
October 31, 1994: Final Report and Statement of Expenditure
October 31, 1994: Revised Budget and Activities Plan for 1994/95
January 21, 1995: Curricula Workshop in Tartu
January 31, 1995: Establishment of CIDEC
? ...
August, 1996: S_JEP ends.

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