The Sixth Fenno-Ugric Symposium on Software Technology     August, 19 - 21, 1999, Sagadi, Estonia



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The Symposium will be held in Sagadi (on the premises of the Sagadi mansion) on August 19 - 21, 1999.

Sagadi is one of over a thousand manor houses in Estonia, many of them with grand buildings and lavish parks. The Sagadi manor near the Haljala-Vősu road in the Lahemaa National Park in North Estonia currently houses Sagadi Forest Centre, which provides information and training about forestry and nature reserves.

The Sagadi manor was first mentioned in written documents in 1444, during 1684-1919 it belonged to the Focks, the present manorhouse with a Rococo interior was built in 1749-53. The additions and the Classicist facade date from the end of the 18th century. 17 from the former 52 buildings have been renovated. There is a large park with a pond and an orchard.


Accommodation will be arranged Võsu

Map of Võsu

A settlement on the northern coast of Estonia, also within the Lahemaa National Park, in two hostel-type hotels: Võsu Viiking (Karja 9, Võsu settlement, tel/fax at the hotel +37 232 99 521) and Rannaliiv (Võsu, Aia 5, tel/fax +37 232 99 456).


The organisers will take care of the transportation from Tallinn to the symposium venue and local transportation from between hotels and symposium site.

Bus to the symposium venue starts on August 18, 1999 from Institute of Cybernetics at 22:00, will depart from Tallinn harbour at 22:30, stop at Tallinn Airport at 23:00 and then take the participants to Vősu (approx. 1,5 hours drive). See map info!
Return bus will start from "Vősu Viiking" at 9:00 (picking after that people from "Rannaliiv") on August 22, 1999. and will then take the participants first to the Tallinn Airport (if necessary) and then to harbour (end stop at Institute of Cybernetics).

Also public transport (buses) is available:

Tallinn->Võsu Võsu->Tallinn
7:05-8:45 9:35-11:00
14:05-15:20 (only Sat,Sun) 16:00-17:15 (only Sat,Sun)
17:05-18:35 19:35-21:00
Tartu->Võsu Võsu->Tartu
14:10-18:30 6:15-10:35

Information at Tallinn Bus terminal: (+372) 601 0386 and (+372) 601 0387.

August 18, 1999

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