The Sixth Fenno-Ugric Symposium on Software Technology     August, 19 - 21, 1999, Sagadi, Estonia

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Jaan Penjam

DAY 1: Application Experiences and Simulation Techniques

Maria Jürimaa - "A Program Packet for Studying the Behaviour of the Clients of Phone-Networks" Vahur Kotkas - "Modelling Radar Coverage in an AI Programming Environment" Tamas Kozsik - "The Use of Aspect-Oriented Programming in Scientific Simulations"

Software Development Tools and Techniques

Raul Hakli - "A Declarative Programming System for Manipulating Strings" Tibor Lakner - "A Compiler Generator Based on the Pred-LL(k) Parsing Method" Tibor Lakner

Invited Talk:

Rinus Plasmeijer - "Mobile Expressions in the Functional Language CLEAN"

Software Development Tools and Techniques /
Formal Methods / Natural Language Technologies

Marko Forsell - "Evaluation of Component Based Software Development Methodologies" Mika Katara - "Composing DisCo Specifications Using Generic Real-Time Events - A Mobile Robot Case Study" Andras Kuba: "A Segment-Based Statictical Speech Recognition System ..."

Program Analysis and Verification

Rusins Freivalds - "Quantum Computation and Quantum Automata" Rusins Freivalds  Zoltan Horvath - "Proving the Temporal Properties of the Unique World"


Zoltan Porkolab - "On the Complexity of Class"

Programming Languages and Environments

Anti-Pekka Tuovinen - "VILPERT - Visual Language Expert" Ville Leppänen - "Improving Object Integrity and Preventing Side Effects via Deeply Immutable References" Jüri Kiho - "Designing Computer Texts with AMADEUS"

Prog. Lang. ... (cont) / Open-air EXCURSION

Roman Ustitch - "Designing Computer Texts with AMADEUS"   Excursion: ALTJA - Lahemaa


at Beavers Trail

more EXCURSION / DAY 3: Invited Talk - AGENTS ...

Beavers Trail Enn Tyugu - "Agent Architectures for Electronic Assistance and Commerce" Mihhail Matskin - "Agent Architectures for Electronic Assistance and Commerce"

Document Processing / Discussion Session

Matti Kurki - "Effects of Document Versioning on References: A Model for Degradation Estimation"         Mihhail Matskin - Discussions - "Universities and Innovation ???"

Invited Talk -
Digital Libraries

Vladimir Serebriakov - "The Integrated System of Information Resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences - An Approach to Digital Library Design"

Algebraic Specifications /
hotel Rannaliiv

Jouni Järvinen - "Rough Sets Defined by Tolerances"  Jouni Järvinen  Tarmo Uustalu - "Multi-(Co)Iteration, Categorically" Tarmo Uustalu     hotel Rannaliiv

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