CoCoViLa — Model-Based Software Development Platform

Run CoCoViLa

If for some reason packages do not get downloaded automatically, they can be downloaded separately from here. The archive must be extracted to "<userhome>\CoCoViLa\" (<userhome> = "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>" in Windows, "/home/<username>" in Linux).

Java Web Start User Guide:

To be able to run CoCoViLa applications using Java Web Start, JRE1.6 must be installed first. Click one of the links above, Web Start will be launched automatically. If for some reason it does not (depends on the browser) and "Save Target" dialog window appears, click "Open".

When Web Start is launched, it will start downloading required .jar files.

Then the following warning will appear, just click Run (and check "Always trust" not to see this warning again ;-)

Web Start will ask whether user wants to create shortcuts on his/her desktop or not. Shortcuts can later be removed from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel or from Java Application Cache Viewer.

This is an appropriate time to configure Java Console. If you need it then click "Configure…" on the dialog above and the Java Control Panel should open. Select "Show Console" and click OK.

When CoCoViLa starts for the first time, it creates its working folder under <user.home>/CoCoViLa/ and unpacks provided Packages.

If the method described above didn’t work on your platform, try to start applications from the terminal console. Make sure that path to JRE exists in Env. Variables.


Use javaws to manage installed applications: