CoCoViLa — Model-Based Software Development Platform

Using Scheme Editor

To open a package, choose Load from the Package menu (for example packages/logic/logic.xml). In addition to the default tools (the selection tool and the tool for adding connection and magnifier), the package specific tools (icons) are added to the palette when a package is loaded. Click on a class icon. The editor goes into insert a new object mode. Move the mouse to where you want to place the object, a mouse click places the object in that position.

Selecting a class from the palette

To connect objects, press the connection tool button. Adding a connection Click on a port of an object, move the mouse cursor over another port and click again. A connection is established between the two ports. To see the actions that can be invoked on an object, right-click on the object. Choose Properties to view, change or add values of the object attributes.

When a scheme is ready, choose Specification from the Scheme menu. You see the textual specification of the scheme. The specification can be edited further in the window. Press Compute all to invoke the planning strategy that generates a program which computes everything tha can be computed based on the scheme.

Viewing textual specification Textual specification

The program window will then show the Java program that has been generated. Press Compile & Run to compile it and then invoke.

Generated Java code

The Propagate values button sends the computed results back to scheme (see object properties to view them). The invoke button invokes the program, and also updates the scheme to show the change (if any have been made). For example, for the scheme shown in the window below, it will show how values keep changing in the scheme, since the value generator (the object in the top left) keeps alternating the values it outputs, and delayer (the object in the bottom left) delays them for one tick.

Viewing results