CoCoViLa — Model-Based Software Development Platform



The quickest way to start using CoCoViLa is to try out some tutorials. Here you can find a list of introductory materials.

Example packages

User manual

API Documentation

CoCoViLa API documentation generated by Javadoc can be browsed online. For CoCoViLa package developers the most relevant Java package is ee.ioc.cs.vsle.api, especially the ProgramContext class in that package.



The following is a list of theses on CoCoViLa-related topics that have been successfully defended.

Interested in doing your own Master's or PhD project with CoCoViLa? Possible topics include applications of methods of artificial intelligence, visual specification languages, automatic synthesis of programs, model-based software engineering, modeling and simulation, web services etc. See the Modeling and Simulation Group's web page for potential supervisors and suggested topics for Master's or PhD projects, or come up with your own topic!


Parts of the CoCoViLa system have been described in the following papers.