CoCoViLa — Model-Based Software Development Platform

This project's source code hosted on can be checked out using Git. This is useful for those who are interested in following the development closely, or for some reason need an older snapshot. A continuously updating version of CoCoViLa that will get all the new features (and bugs) as soon as they are committed to the Git repository can be obtained by running git pull command.

Basically, there are three options. The first option is to use Sun JDK and Apache Ant for building CoCoViLa. The second option is for cases when there is a JRE available but installing a full JDK is not possible: Sun JRE and Apache Ant for building CoCoViLa. The third options is to use your favourite IDE for getting the code from the repository and compiling it. This is not covered here, see the documentation of the IDE.

You may also examine the Git repository via the web-based Git repository viewer.

Using Ant and Java Development Kit (JDK)

To get the latest Git version up and running quickly just follow these steps. We assume here that you have already cloned a Git repository and installed JDK 1.6, and Apache Ant. If this is not the case then please follow the instructions provided with the respective software packages or refer to the documentation of your operating system.

  1. Change to the source directory of CoCoViLa:
    cd cocovila/src
  2. Start CoCoViLa Scheme Editor or Class Editor:
    ant run-se
    ant run-ce

The commands "ant run-se" and "ant run-ce" started in cocovila/src will automatically take care of compiling the changes so addidional steps should not be required. If something does not work as expected an "ant clean" followed by "ant run-..." might help.

Using Ant and Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

It is also possible to compile the source code of CoCoViLa with the bundled compiler. In this case only the JRE is needed and the JDK is not required. To use this method the following line must be added (or uncommented) to the file src/ after checking out the source from Git:
By default Ant cannot find the bundled compiler and putting it to the CLASSPATH environment variable is not recommended. Therefore, all the ant commands must be given an additional command line argument: "-lib ../lib/ejc.jar". The command sequence to compile the code and get CoCoViLa running would be as follows:

  1. cd cocovila/src
  2. Edit to add or uncomment the compiler parameter
  3. ant -lib ../lib/ejc.jar run-se (note the -lib argument here)