CoCoViLa — Model-Based Software Development Platform


CoCoViLa is a model-based software development platform. The platform provides a framework for developing visual specification languages. It includes a visual editor for drawing schemes and a synthesizer for generating Java programs from visual schemes and declarative textual specifications.

CoCoViLa highlights


Running CoCoViLa

CoCoViLa requires Java Runtime Environment 1.6 to run. CoCoViLa is known to run well on recent releases of various GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and also on MS Windows XP, Vista and 7. CoCoViLa versions starting from 0.8.1 are supported on Mac OS X Leopard. Let us know if you have problems running CoCoViLa on your favourite platform and we will try to fix it.

Getting started

Simple tutorials of using CoCoViLa applications — Class Editor and Scheme Editor — can be found in the Documentation section. The packages directory included in CoCoViLa distributions contains several sample packages (files with xml extension), together with example schemes (syn extensions).

About the package format and specification language descriptions, see the Documentation section.


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The project is developed in public and the source code is distributed under the GNU GPL. The source code repository is hosted on SourceForge. The development is coordinated by the Modeling and Simulation Group at the Software Department of the Institute of Cybernetics.


If you are interested in using CoCoViLa platform for your own applications, would like to have a support contract, have any questions about CoCoViLa or want to join the project, please send your e-mail to . You can also contact members of the Modeling and Simulation Group.